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It goes with saying that in order to enjoy a happy Arab marriage, you first must establish a successful long-term relationship. While that may sound simple enough, many are finding that to be increasingly difficult to do in today’s Arab dating scene. Is it because you and your contemporaries have changed, or are the methods which young Arab singles use to find and partner with each other not conducive to creating enduring bonds? More and more evidence seem to support the latter.

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The number of people engaging in typical “night life” activities is increasing year after year. At the same time, so too are the number of relationships that last only a short while. That’s because they are typically built off excitement and momentary passion rather than an actual romantic connection. This follows the line of thinking that when less actual emotion is invested in a relationship, the likelihood of it lasting is greatly diminished.

One the other side of the coin, people who meet through activities associated with their religion, education, or civic participation tend to form a deeper connection with each other. That’s because they already have shared beliefs or interests to build upon. Research has shown that such relationships not only demonstrate higher levels of mutual satisfaction, but that couples who share in them are more successful at avoiding issues that lead to marital strife, such as:

  • Infidelity
  • Financial problems
  • Family matters

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However, many people struggle at meeting people through these methods due to their hesitancy to open to others that they’ve only just met. This is where dating sites dedicated to specific religious or societal demographics (like are so helpful. They eliminate the awkwardness inherent with an initial encounter by allowing it to happen online.

While it’s difficult to making sweeping generalizations about all young Arab singles, evidence and intuition seems to support the idea that searching for dating partners with similar beliefs and backgrounds leads to an increased likelihood of developing lasting, long-term relationships. As difficult as it may be for you to admit, maybe your parents were right about your needing to find a nice Arab boy or girl after all. Get started today on any free Arab dating site, preferably

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